Its Just Music!

Jay’s Happy Sunshine Burger Joint is a mix of Jam Band, Reggae, Rock,Rap, R&B and Blues.

The Long Strange Trip Continues……

Remixes/Mashups of classic Grateful Dead. Unique Originals, Classic Covers,¬†Unexpected Delights. Surprise Guests. Music played by musicians with a passion that really comes through. Our goal is make to make you smile and enjoy. We don’t take ourselves to seriously, but one thing is important and serious. Thats to bring together folks from diverse backgrounds and points of view through our music.

“Creating a unique experience that rewards both the audience and the band. After all, we are two sides of one circle. We complete each other. “said Co-founder Sunshine Garcia Becker. “We are just beginning to figure out where this is going and we want to bring you along, its the audience energy that moves us.

JHSBJ is a vehicle for all of us to express our talents and skills in a band situation. Its really rare for a group to come together with such a diverse background of talent and have such a singular focus. ¬†This band can jam, we can groove, and we don’t seem to need to talk about it. We just play!